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CMSTD has dozens of domestic-leading NC shearing lines for uncoiling, leveling and wire materials straightening.

For cold/hot rolled coils, galvanized coils, colored steel coils, stainless steel sheets and other wire materials, CMSTD can not only shear wires and steel sheets into different sizes by means of uncoiling, straightening, sizing and continuously shearing (crosscutting, slitting), but also can once complete the whole process of unloading, shearing and delivering within warehouse areas.

Products Manufacturing

As a subsidiary of CMSTD, Zhengzhou Hengke Industry Co. Ltd is a high-tech company for specifically researching and producing integrated optical-mechanical-electronic products in metrology, dynamometer, electronic weighing, automatic packing, automatic controlling and IOT (Internet of Things) etc.

The main products are electronic lifting scale, axle load meter, cyber warehouse, precision measurement and controls system, open highway toll by weight and overrun detection system, etc.